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Windmills Ride 2010 -

The record of my progress in visiting the landmarks of the Windmills Ride:


1. Wilton Windmill, Wiltshire

Visited this windmill during the Winter Challenge on Saturday 6th February 2010.


Visited the following five windmills during the first Grim Riders' Treasure Hunt on Saturday 24th April 2010.

2. Fulbourn Windmill, Cambridgeshire


3. Buttrums Windmill, Suffolk


4. Great Bircham Windmill, Norfolk


5. Heckington Windmill, Lincolnshire


6. Waltham Windmill, North Lincolnshire


Visited four more windmills on a ride round the south east on Monday 9th August 2010

7. Lacey Green Windmill, Buckinghamshire


8. Wimbledon Windmill, Windmill Museum, London


9. Cranbrook Union Windmill, Kent

A lady who lived next to the windmill opened it up for me to have a quick tour inside so I got some photos of the inside of the windmill too. It is the oldest smock mill in Kent - so called because it is in the shape of a miller's smock. It is still used to grind corn but like many windmills today, can only be used when the eind is coming from certain directions because of all the buildings that has gone on around it, I was fascinated by the amount of work that went into constructing it, especially the huge gear wheels, with each wooden tooth made separately so they can be replaced when they get broken. The millstone came all the way from Derbyshire.













10. Bursledon Windmill, Hampshire


I visited the next windmill on my way back from collecting the last battlefield at Marston Moor.

11. Skidby Windmill, Yorkshire


This windmill was my first landmark for the October Outing on Saturday 23rd October 2011:

12. Lytham Green Windmill


I visited the only Welsh landmark on the list on my home from the finish of the Wolfhound Rally on Monday 25th July 2012:

13. Melin Llynnon Windmill


On a tour of the north-east visited my penultimate windmill at Fulwell in South Shields on Friday 30th August 2012:

14. Fulwell Windmill


Visited the final windmill eventually on 6th April 2013 on the way to the start of the SWPR - had meant to do this for years but never got around to it before the event and always finished in the dark so had been too late to photograh it on the way home:

15. Stembridge Windmill, Somerset

Windmills 2010 Cranbrook b Cranbrook c Cranbrook d Cranbrook e