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TOMCC Landmark Challenge 2011

When I bought my Bonneville and joined the Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club, I found that it runs a Landmark Challenge each year. You are provided with a list of fifty landmarks - for each of these you are given an OS map and grid reference and a cryptic clue as to what you are looking for when you get to the location.  You then have to ride your bike there and take a photograph of it on the appropriate place. From my reading of the rules there is no necessity for the bike to be a Triumph, although I a sure that is preferred! You need to visit between 1 and 5 landmarks for a Bronze award, between 6 and 49 for a Silver, and all 50 to get Gold. Gold is unlikely this year (I only bought the Bonnie in August), so will aim for Silver this year, but one year I will go for the Gold!

Record of my progress in 2011:

Friday 5th August

First ride on the Bonneville and visited T14, Acton Scott Farm Museum in Shropshire as well as several RBR landmarks.

1. T14 Acton Scott Farm Museum, Shropshire


Wednesday 24th August

Visited two landmarks in the Borders while collecting two castles from the Castles Ride - the first, T31 was only half a mile from Caerlaverock Castle, the next, T37 was on the route between there and Bamburgh Castle.

2. T31 Caelaverock Nature Reserve, Scottish Borders

3. T37 Heatherslaw Mill, North Yorkshire


Sunday 4th September

Visited four TOMCC landmarks on a circuit of Cheshire to brin gmy total for the year to seven:

4. T22 Gladstone Museum, Staffordshire

5. T46 BBS Triumph Motorcycle Dealers, Stoke on Trent

6.  T40 Oulton Park Motor Racing Circuit, Cheshire

7. T21 Erddig House, Wrexham