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TOMCC Landmark Challenge 2012

When I bought my Bonneville and joined the Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club, I found that it runs a Landmark Challenge each year. You are provided with a list of fifty landmarks - for each of these you are given an OS map and grid reference and a cryptic clue as to what you are looking for when you get to the location.  You then have to ride your bike there and take a photograph of it on the appropriate place. From my reading of the rules there is no necessity for the bike to be a Triumph, although I am sure that is preferred! You need to visit between 1 and 5 landmarks for a Bronze award, between 6 and 49 for a Silver, and all 50 to get Gold. After achieving Silver in 2011, I shall probably gain the same this year!

Record of my progress in 2012:

Saturday 31st March

Visited the first landmark while on the South West Peninsula Rally:

1. T31 Haynes Motorcycle Museum


Tuesday 10th April

Visited my second landmark while on the Treasure Hunt:

2. T48 Upper Arley Arboretum