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Round Britain Rally 2008

The Round Britain Rally is held each year. Participants are sent a list of 100 landmarks which you are invited to visit and photograph, showing the RBR control card and motorcycle in your photographs. Each of the landmarks is worth a certain number of points and awards are given depending on how many points you have gained. Landmarks can be visited anytime between April 1st and October 31st, in any order. Landmarks are only identified by a brief description and you can be involved in a fair amount of research to locate them! This was the first year I had taken part and I mainly picked up landmarks while doing other rallies this year. There is an active forum on the RBR website and a chance to meet fellow rallyists at the annual dinner in the following February. Most of all it is just a brilliant excuse to get out on your bike and explore some of the byways and hidden place of Britain you would just never visit or see otherwise.


Worst mistake of the year - we decided to spend a weekend going around Wales and visiting all the landmarks we could. Set off on the Saturday and visited about six landmarks, including a very unremarkable set of stumps in a field on Anglesey. Spent the evening at a hotel in Ffestiniog where, somehow, I managed to reformat the camera, thereby losing all the photographs we had taken that day! Sunday was spent revisiting the same landmarks, including tramping all the way back across Anglesey - did manage to add another couple of landmarks, but never did get all the Welsh landmarks.


I ended up visiting 50 of the landmarks, and gained a Silver Award, having collected 888 points - lost a few points for photographing the wrong anniversary stone at Richmond and not being able to find the memorial stone for the Battle of Gower (you get halfmarks if you can still prove you were near the exact location). Quite happy with that as means I have plenty of room for getting more points with different awards over the next few years before building up to an All Rounder Award.