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Pub Crawl Ride 2009 -

The record of my progress in visiting the landamrks on the Pub Crawl Ride:


These unique named pubs were originally part of the Pub Crawl Ride which was used during the inaugural Brit Butt Light rally in July 2009.


We visited this pub in Stalybridge while we were collecting Round Britain Rally bonuses in the summer of 2009. It as the distinction of having the longest pub name in Britain.

1. Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Riflemen Corps Inn, Stalybridge

(27th August 2009)


Visited this pub in Brighton after completing the National Parks Ride:

2. Lion & Lobster, Brighton

(4th October 2009)


Visited this pub on the first Winter Challenge in February 2010.

3. Prince Leopold, Upton Lovell, Wiltshire

(6th February 2010)


Visited these five pubs during the first Grim Riders' Treasure Hunt Rally in April 2010.

4. The Nutshell, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

(one of several listed as the smallest pub in Britain)


5. Ark Royal, Wells next the Sea, Norfolk


6. Prussian Queen, Saltfleetby, North Lincolnshire


7. Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham


8. Wagon Load of Lime, Old Arley, Warwickshire

(24th April 2010)


I visited the Kremlin on Clee Hill on the way back from the battlefield of Pilleth.

9. Kremlin, Clee Hill, Shropshire

(18th July 2010)


Visited my tenth pub in Hull on the way back from the last battlefield at Marston Moor - not sure what happened with the photo - looks like I had had a few in the pub (although to be honest it looked the least likely one I would want to visit!)

10. Goat and Compasses, Hull

(18th September 2010)


Visited this, the highest pub in Britain, on the October Outing Ride on Saturday 23rd October 2010.

11. Tan Hill Inn

Pub Crawl 2010