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National Road Rally 2009

A different rally for me this year. Spent the morning at MIRA near Nuneaton, as a marshall for the special tests. My friend Rob Kelley and I were given the 'Hill Regularity Test' and we were kept very busy all morning (so busy that I did not notice how sunburned my neck, nose and arms were getting!). Enjoyable though and met up with many friends from previous rallies.


We spent the afternoon riding the shortest course possible (Stacey refused to go through the night). Starting from Meriden, with a slight detour home to find what my ally number was (not at all organised), we headed south to Stratford. Then just chose the next control at random from the grid and ended up visiting Burford, Newbury, Swindon, Andoversford, Worcester and finished at Sutton Maddock, always my favourite control, if only for the tea and cakes. The people manning the controls do not always have anything much to do with motorcycling and it takes some commitment to be there all through the night! We were home shortly after 10pm. I did feel we should have been on an old British single or something similar as it was far too easy on the GS!


It was interesting seeing the range of bikes at MIRA - these bikes were all doing the longest, Platinum course. There was a group of Lambrettas, a number of classic British bikes, two Goldwings with sidecars, a Rocket trike, several large scooters (including two of the ones with two wheels at the front) and lots of large capacity sports bikes, sports tourers and, of course, GSs.

NNR 2009