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Irish Photographic Rally 2008

The Irish Photographic Rally is run each year by the Boyne Riders, a Dublin motorcycle club. A list of 24 locations across Ireland is published each year in February and you have until the end of October to visit and photograph as many of them as you wish. Visiting 12 gains you a Bronze award, 18 a Silver, and all 24 Gold.


We spent a great nine days touring Ireland and visiting all 24 locations - some were hard to find as I had done little preparation apart from finding their rough location on Autoroute and transferring it to my Garmin 2610. This did not show many of the smaller roads and got itself tangled up several times. I am told v10 is much better but had not got around to ordering that before we left. I had also got one of the places completely wrong - Castletown, West Meath, not Castletown, Meath! A bit more forward planning would have saved some time and anguish! The weather was not brilliant, much low cloud and mist made some parts, especially Cork and Kerry, disappointing, but we spent two restful days at Ballinskelligs with my brother's family. We needed it after the state of some of the roads - the only time I have had the GS bottoming out on the road! We did visit some really interesting parts of Ireland we would probably never have been to otherwise and saw some beautiful locations! There was a great variety to the controls and it really made me appreciate the difference geography and scenery Ireland has to offer. We did end up visiting all 24 locations, travelling through every county of Ireland in the process, and most of the major town