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Battlefields Ride 2010

The record of my progress in visiting the Battlefields this year.


1. Saturday 30th January: Battle of Bosworth


Collected the GS from Derby today and thought might as well visit my first Battlefield landmark on the way back so stopped at Bosworth Battlefield for a quick photo and a coffee.


2. Friday 26th March 2010; Battle of Sedgemoor


Stopped here on my way to Bridgwater for the start of the South West Peninsula Rally.


3. Saturday 27th March 2010: Battle of Stratton


Third battlefield visited with a short detour from the A30, now renamed the Atlantic Route, while on the South West Peninsula Rally.


4, 5 & 6. Thursday 15th April 2010: Battles of Naseby, Maldon & Barnet


I spent a day riding down to Essex and back, visiting these three battlefields and also seven Round Britain Rally locations across Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and London. I started the day by scouting the start for my Treasure Hunt ride next week and also visited Mallory Park which will be my first landmark to visit. I managed to shock the lady in the Texaco garage outisde Nuneaton by managing to get 44 litres (at the cost of £53.20!!) into the bike - it was fairly empty having covered 425 miles since I last filled it outside Mevagissey a fortnight ago. Emptied the tank again today by covering 418 miles, starting from home just after 10 am and getting home 12 hours later.


There are several monuments around the battlefield at Naseby, covering as it does several square miles - this is the Cromwell obelisk which marks the location of the Roundhead forces at 10 am shortly before the battle commenced. Around the corner there were several large tents and flags flying as one of the re-enactment societies were gathering before this weekend.


I have put a note on the scatter rallies forum about the slight difficulties involved in locating this battlefield, as it is on a private road leading to a nature reserve. A very peaceful spot, although obviously not in 991!


7. Saturday 24th April: Battle of Winceby


Visited the site of the civil war battlefield of Winceby in Lincolnshire while on the first Grim Riders' Treasure Hunt Rally.


8. Saturday 22nd May: Battle of Flodden Fields


Visited the battlefield of Flodden Fields while passing it on the Brit Butt Rally this year.


9. Saturday 12th June: Battle of the Boyne


Visited this site in Ireland while taking part in the Irish Bally Rally. Fortunatey it was just a few miles off the route I was taking.


10. Saturday 18th July: Battle of Pilleth


11. Tuesday 10th August: Battle of Hastings


12,13, 14 & 15. Monday 23rd August: Battles of Culloden, Glen Shiel, Bannockburn & Solway Moss


Visited four battlefields on the way home from John O' Groats after completing the End to End Gold ride. Unfortunately the photographs of the fourth battlefield at Solway Moss were so poor due to my camera being waterlogged that I shall have to return there before the end of the year!


Solway Moss - revisited on the October Outing 23/10


16. Saturday 18th September, Battle of Marston Moor