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Articles and Musings

An assortment of writings and thoughts about different aspects of life, but generally about motorcycling. Most of these are in pdf format so you will need Adobe Acrobat loaded onto your device to read them - you can download it from here


RiDE Magazine - article on cornering with California Superbike School April 2007


The Six Ps of Long Distance Rallies - thoughts on what you need to do to prepare for long distance rallies


Motorcycle Monthly Magazine - short article on the BBR finish, June 2008


IAM Magazine - short article on the BBR finish, Summer 2008


BIKE Magazine - Ultimate Rider competition September 2008, not my finest moment!


The Road to Recovery - the aftermath of my accident which left me with a broken right femur in November 2008


RiDE Magazine - short article on equipment February 2009 - note that am leaning against bike as I was still recovering from breaking my femur and could not stand up at the time!


Books on Motorcycling - list of books I have come across on motorcycling with brief reviews


Becoming Mrs Armitage - the danger of adding farkles


Deer Strikes - some research findings on the likelihood of hitting a deer in the UK


Using Digital Waypoints - pointers on using Mapsource and GPSU for planning rallies


Devising the English Counties Ride - how I came up with the idea for this ride


Snake Oil? - the questionable benefit of deer whistles


Scatter Rally Details - information about all the different scatter rallies I have found to take part in


Rally Bonuses - a collection of the different types of rally bonus ideas I have come across, and a Proposal for Rally Series Scoring


GPS Tracker - initial thoughts on using the i-gotU tracker


Preparing a Bike for Long Distance Rallies - article written for IBA UK newsletter in 2009, published late 2011


Fitting Hyperpro Springs to a BMW R1150GS - how (not) to guide!


Creation of an Auxiliary Tank for a BMW R1150GS - detailing how my auxiliary fuel tank was created by Shaun Higginbottom


Replacing the Final Drive on a BMW R1150GS - if you own one for long enough, you will have to do this one day!


Rally Planning Day (17/03/2012) - a copy of the presentation used on the day


Saving Waypoints & Transferring them to a Garmin Satnav


True Lies - article in Ironbutt magazine, Spring 2012


Camel Rally - article in Ironbutt magazine, Spring 2012


Moto, January 2012 - article written by Anton Popov (n.b in Russian!)


BIKE, August 2012 - article by Tony Hoare about the fifth Brit Butt Rally


MotorBikeTimes, June 2014 - article about the seventh Brit Butt Rally